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My name is Josip and I have lots of interests and hobbies. The main ones are programming and art, but there is tons of others. History, philosophy, writing, reading, movies, maths, etc.

me lol


I've always loved problem solving, and there are few disciplines which allow for as much of it as programming does. It is a perfect fusion of science and art, and I've been doing it on and off for a while.

The actual starting point for me, when it comes to programming, was my teens, when I used the Unreal Engine to make stealth shooters like Metal Gear Solid. It's how I got introduced to the "code" part of video game creation, where before it was basically magic to me.

When it comes to languages, I've experimented with a number of them.

  • C was nice. I used it in conjunction with the raylib games framework. I don't have the code with me at the moment, but I layered a layer of abstraction on top of it which let me make pixel art games. When it comes to experience with the language, I understand pointers B)
  • Nim is super elegant and very fun to work in. Right now I'm using it for most of the native stuff I write.
  • Python is fun. I use it for scripting sometimes.
  • Lua is as fun as python, I exclusively use it when writing love2d games, which I am not doing at the moment.
  • Javascript web language, I'll post some little canvases on this site later.
  • Java I learned about in school. I know the syntax, OOP, etc. Not the biggest fan tbh

If you want to look at a few of the things which I've made, check out the projects page.


Not much to say here. I am a big fan of art, looking at it and making it. My art isn't the best, I like sketching and painting. Digital art is also nice, but I dont have a tablet so it's all either pixel art or photo manipulation for me. You can find some of my art on the art page, and here is some of the art I really like:

Antinous, roman sculpture
Mandatory Van Gogh
Mountains at Collioure by André Derain

This site

It is intentionally very minimal.