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Joseph's Art Page

Yeah, I sometimes do art. Mostly scribbles on paper, but I like digital, as well (near exclusively pixel art). Photography is another passion, so you will see some of that. Lastly I like writing, though I'm not yet ready to post any of it here.

p.s. The lowfi aesthetic is, of course, intentional



Some mildly glitchy colour art of my favourite piece of stone.



This is a photo I took at the Zagreb museum. A late roman monument. Tons of them, all sitting outside in a little garden next to a cafe. You can drink coffee next to some dude's sarcophagus haha



Another photo from the museum. Which Augustus might this have been?



I like looking at clouds when talking walks.

the cloud


I remember doing a lot more concept art, It's probably also on an old hard drive -_-

RPG concepting

I did a lot of 16x16 character art to practice pixel art, and a lot of it was used to concept an RPG game.


Strategy concepting

For a long time I've been interested in doing a strategy + tactics game, so here is some of the stuff I made for what.

Little units fighting, tried to make them quite clear to read when scanning the battlefield. The ones with a crown icon are the generals, X ones are infantry, diagonal slash ones cavalry, and dot ones are ranged units. Inspired by NATO symbols, but I got them from youtube videos
This one is a tile-based and more lofi, with each tile having a maximum of 3 colours, one of them being black. Similar symbols as above, but the generals are now represented by a little cross.
I also like drawing maps!