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Joseph's Projects Page

These are some of the projects I've made. I'll upload a few more when I find the disk with all of them on it.

Tiny little snake game

Link: Source

Made this in a few hours to learn Javascript. It is super simple, basic snake game, when the snake bites itself, the game restarts. Tried implementing some neat functional stuff in there as well.

~ Play around with it here! ~

p.s. I don't know about the coding style and conventions of Javascript, might have overused arrow functions and function expressions, but it is Javascript, so nobody really cares haha


Link: Source

This is a simple arcadey game made using the love2d framework. I made a little library on top of it to make pixel art drawing much easier. I made all the assets, for what it's worth. Kind of an oldie, too.

It loops!


Link: Source

I don't know why I called it jib-Engine. It's a very bare-bones pixel art and input library based on SDL2. Written in nim, which is a language I find to be quite nifty! I wish to improve this library with render textures to eliminate my cobbled together line and 'circle' drawing algorithms.

Screenshot of a little scene.


Link: Source

Made this in a few minutes to dump images from wallpaper threads into local folders so I can go through them faster. It allows you to save all the images from any 4chan thread.

I know it's near unreadable :^)


Alongside these, I am also working on a little strategy game. Right now I'm implementing it as a discord bot, which may or may not be a dumb idea, but I will definitely turn it into a standalone thing when I'm able.